How often do I come to therapy?

I typically start out trying to meet with clients once per week if someone is actively depressed or anxious. As people feel better, they might choose to reduce the frequency over time to every other week and then maybe monthly before terminating. 

How long does therapy last?

The duration of therapy varies widely and will be based on your goals and progress. Some people having difficulty adjusting to a recent change who have not had long-term concerns may only need or want a few sessions or a couple months of sessions. Others who have been struggling with depression or anxiety for many years may need several months to a couple of years to change those deeper seated issues. Therapy sessions themselves are about 55 minutes.  

Why don't you accept all insurance plans?

Each insurance company has different requirements to keep track of and follow, different hoops to jump through to process claims, and different reimbursement rates. Because of these hurdles and being a solo practitioner, I can't work with them all. 

What are my options if you don't work with my insurance company?

If  I don't work with your insurance company, you can pay out of pocket at the time of the appointment. Some insurance plans have out of network benefits, such that if I  give you an itemized bill ("superbill") your insurer will reimburse you for at least part of what you paid for the appointment. Some people choose not to submit to their insurance company for privacy reasons, or because their therapy is for an issue that insurance doesn't cover treatment for anyway (e.g. personal growth or marital issues rather than a covered diagnosis). 

The other option would be to look for a different therapist who accepts your insurance. To do this, either check your insurer's website for a list of covered providers (please note these are notorious for getting out of date; try not to take it personally or give up if takes multiple inquiries to find a provider accepting new clients with your insurance), or search directories like TherapyDen or PsychologyToday, and make sure you filter by your insurance provider. I also highly recommend headway.co which credentials private practice therapists and mental health prescribers with various insurance companies then handles the insurance verification and billing (again, make sure you filter by your specific insurance). Unlike most provider directories, Headway will even let you book the first appointment or a consultation directly, making it easier to avoid phone tag or a bunch of emails. I feel like a spokesperson for them....