Clinical Evaluations/psychological testing (adults)  

Psychological assessments can be done to gain a better understanding of personality traits, social-emotional and cognitive functioning, and mood or other psychological disorders.  Depending on the referral question, this type of evaluation may take 2 to 4 hours for the client, as it includes both an interview and psychological testing. A separate feedback appointment is also made to go over the results and recommendations, and you will also be provided a written report with the results. Examples of referral reasons include:

Please note, I do not do assessments that are needed for legal/court cases. It is recommended individuals be evaluated by a forensic psychologist if seeking assessments for those purposes.

Therapy (adults) 

I often treat issues related to anxiety, depression, and anger, particularly in the context of difficulty adjusting or coping with major life changes or struggling with major life or career decisions affecting mood and life satisfaction.  I predominantly use a cognitive behavioral therapy model but also integrate mindfulness, acceptance, and a wholistic approach.